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10 Reasons to work with MASTERS

10 Reasons to work with MASTERS 

As every individual aspires to reach great heights in their professional life, it is very imperative to choose right place to work where one can get the essential platform, exposure and support to enhance one’s aptitude and capabilities. MASTERS being one of the most respected project management companies with PAN India presence run by highly professional individuals, understands this and thus plays a key role in carving the professional path for its employees with constantly evolving career goals by encouraging new talent and nurturing them into becoming better individuals, both professionally and personally!

Masters has delivered landmark projects—the contemporary marvels of the construction industry like the Imperial Towers at Mumbai which still stand as the tallest towers in India. There are many reasons which can be laid down for young professionals like me to work with Masters who are looking for an aspiring career and to give some insights, I have listed below the top 10 which are highly commendable and sets Masters apart all other in the industry:
Principles/ Values: The foundation of any organization is the principles & values it poses and Masters have taken this literally.
Honesty, integrity and transparency, the core values of MASTERS are embedded in every individual’s working attitude, which not only strengthens one’s conduct but also builds a strong bond with the associates. Everyone representing Masters strives to conform to the highest standards of ethical behavior, integrity and honesty. A system of values, wherein central importance is ascribed to work, commitment to professionalism, diligence and persistence, is instilled throughout the organization and it is strongly believed that Transparency breeds Trust which is the foundation of rewarding teamwork.

Team Work: At MASTERS everyone counts, everyone!
Masters values contributions from one and all, irrespective of age, gender, experience and qualification. A young graduate has as much say as a senior leader when it comes to knowledge and ideas. Everyone’s thoughts are respected as it is well reckoned, within the organization, that successful endeavors are the result of good teamwork. The teams at MASTERS works unanimously along with all associates to deliver a successful product through result oriented approach and everyone in the team is expected to contribute to the projects. MASTERS is not just a company but a second home where team members are more like family members and where novel ideas are not only embraced but encouraged!!

Ownership: MASTERS gives every team member a sense of ownership for their contribution, which makes the team more connected to project and boosts their moral. Here at MASTERS the aim is to hone employees to develop into ENTREPRENEURIAL PROJECT MANAGERS with a sense of ownership of the Project ability to look beyond the mundane and rise beyond the ordinary. Every individual is encouraged to take-charge & self-direct in order to deliver a product or service to Clients that is of value. It is not just a JOB for the employees at Masters and hence it is ensured that extra initiatives are taken towards the success of a Project. This attitude drives the team’s efforts towards setting higher standards for performance and achievement and this is what sets us apart from others!!

Leadership: At MASTERS leaders create leaders!!
The leaders here carry a culture wherein they motivate others to become future leaders by directing and supporting them to accomplish the delegated task and sail through the complex situations. There are endless opportunities for all, who are willing to take up. Everyone is allowed to take a chance and not be always afraid of the result. Masters promotes risk-takers! The leaders at MASTERS invest their efforts and time, for all risk-takers, to increase the returns from their teams, contributing even to the bottom line to create a stronger, more robust, engaged and valuable work environment. Our organization is well led, not only from the top but at every level.

Healthy Work Environment: Apart from the responsibilities that come with a job perhaps the single most important thing that influences employee motivation, happiness, and how efficient they are, is their working environment. The working environment is one of the key factors in inculcating the right culture towards work and society. MASTERS being diversified in all regions brings the sense of nation with in. There is always an option to get inspired by the cultural diversity this organization offers. 
Professionalism: MASTERS being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company has its processes and practices at par with the International Standards. Upkeep with the new management trends and practices, adaptation to the best practices in the industry helps in the overall growth. Masters focuses on the culmination of competence, knowledge, resourcefulness, quality, attitude, and cooperation not only to ensure the successful completion of deliverables, but also with an exceptional experience over the entire course of a project.
Versatile Exposure: MASTERS has marked their presence in all real estate projects, be it a SEZ project or High rise buildings or hospitality projects. Thiprovides an opportunity to an individual to get versatile exposure in all type of construction projects. Every member in a team gets an opportunity to get hands on to various departments and get upgraded with the latest trends.
Continual Growth: Over the decade year by year MASTERS has spread its wings and has come a long way from acting just as Project Managers to now taking the complete ownership of the projects to ensure that all project needs are met, right from the development phase to the execution/hand-over phase. Masters also renders specialized services like Cost Consultancy & Quantity Surveying, Design Services (with an integrated in-house design team), Development Solutions (from assessing feasibility, viability of projects to complete hand-over) and Real Estate Allied Services etc. Masters with its already established PAN India presence is now looking forward to establishing a strong foothold in the international market as well.
Brand Image: Masters have created a niche in the industry with successful deliveries of numerous projects of different portfolios. Masters under the flagship of Project Management and specialized services have bagged over 130 projects in a decade with several as repeat businesses from same Clients!

Fun Time: Nothing is complete without fun, partying and celebration, reason could be any Top Up party, achievement of major milestone, festive, birthday bash or an annual get together. Masters have never remained at the back seat when it comes to celebrations.
Dharmesh Gala
(Project Manager)
Masters Mumbai

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