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Our Vision-Mapping the upcoming Years

Our Vision-Mapping the upcoming Years

As the celebrations are over, we are reminded that completion of a successful decade is also a time for us to set foot into the future, to set higher goals and look into greener pastures. We have reported strong success and statistics over the last ten years spanning across sectors, geographies with our diversified services-whether it was expanding our portfolio, going to new markets, selecting the right talent or investing in different growing sectors. Riding on our past laurels and without letting the success go to our head, we are elated to be sharing the vision and key goals by setting competitive strategies for the upcoming years.

A Company is distinguished by the services it offers. At Masters, we believe that work is not just timely delivery of services for us, but also the value-addition that we do by guiding and assisting our clients with our knowledge and experience. Keeping ‘Continual Improvement’ as our motto, over the next few years, we plan to expand and diversify our portfolio further by including services like Turnkey Solutions, comprehensive Design Services, specialized services like Design Management, Procurement Management and Contracts Management in addition to the already existing diversified services range. We also plan to enhance our Development Management portfolio- wherein we assist our clients from start-to-finish, taking the onus of the entire project. As a baby step, we have kick-started our first start to finish project in Jaisalmer building our very first ‘product’ in addition to the suite of ‘services’ that we offer. The project will be our flagship project under Development Management, which is being intended as a Luxury Hotel for the upscale market in Jaisalmer.

Being a Project Management Company (PMC), being versatile is a feather in the cap. Hence, the next few years will see Masters engaging with both existing and new clients on these new fronts.

New Geographies:
At Masters we believe that we have all the right ingredients to not just be a leader in home markets but also overseas. With the huge success of projects like The Imperial Towers, Vivanta by Taj, Tata Realities TRILIUM Mall, Godrej Prakriti, L&T SEZ, Movie Towers, we are now all set to explore international markets starting with Middle East, South East Asia and Africa. The next few years our focus will be to expand our reach and capture newer markets both domestically and internationally. This will help us enhance our skills, expand our reach and become a more versatile company. 

Sectorial Penetration
Having worked with blue chip companies and large Developers, our next logical step is to expand our scope of work. Over the next few years, Masters plans to add few new sectors. Hospitality and Infrastructure are 2 most upcoming developing sectors in India today and we plan to get into that sphere through tie-ups or direct marketing. 

In addition, our focus will also be in streamlining our internal processes by making ‘efficiency’ and ‘effectiveness’ the catch-words. We will be looking at solutions to fast-track our systems and reduce the lead time in project execution, in order to be the number one PMC not just in India, but in the world.

Associates and partners
Being a PMC, a large part of our work depends on our Consultants, Contractors, Vendors, Suppliers and Associates. We have been lucky in partnering with the right people over the last 10 years. In the future, Masters aims to expand our band of trusted associates and cement our current associations and we are more than willing to explore opportunities and innovative ways to work together with new ideas. We are already in a process to tie-up with like-minded organizations overseas to bring in their experience in the Indian market as well make a strong foot-hold in their markets with our expertise in Project Management Consultancy. 

Going High-tech
For any growing company, it is important to pace-up with changing trends. Thanks to technology and constantly evolving information age, much of the tedious and cumbersome work involving handling of documents and paper-work has become one-click-away. Keeping up with the times, Masters is always open to adopting technology as part of its DNA to improve the quality of its services. We will soon be launching an electronic tool/platform that will take care of documents and records and enable users to share intellectual capital remotely across the organization, so that expertise can be easily tapped. This will also further standardize our services and make tracking easy and centralized. 

Human Resources:
The word ‘teamwork’ is synonymous with Masters. Our success is accredited largely to the people who work with us, for us, both at the forefront and behind-the-scenes. Masters from its very inception has been very careful about selecting the right talent and creating capable teams across various functions. Our goal is to build a large team of like-minded people who believe in and resonate our core Values of Integrity, Transparency and Honesty. The next few years are crucial as there will be a strong focus on nurturing our existing employees by investing in people-development and capacity building programs through trainings and workshops not only in Project Management arena but also in Organisational and Professional well being subjects. Being a close-knit organization, we do not believe in hierarchies and rather encourage open-dialogues and to have an open-door policy to create a comfortable and thriving environment for all our employees.Through mentoring, training and involving people in company’s vision, people are empowered to think out-of-the-box and, give ideas and take independent decisions.

Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)
We believe that progress of a nation, society or organization is measured not merely by Gross Domestic Product (GDP), but by focus on creating a better life for each and every individual. At Masters we are committed to providing a safe, healthy and accident-free environment for all (from contracted labour, right down to our own staff), which also is a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We already adhere to strict measures to instil in people the importance of their well-being and safety, but over the next few years we plan to strengthen our message of EHS by adopting relevant standards, policies and practices.

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