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Project Management as the Client's Representative

Project Management as the Client's Representative

As Client’s Representative, a PMC (Project Management Consultant) provides comprehensive management and coordination of all project activities at all stages of development; starting from pre-development, pre-construction, development & construction and post-construction.

The primary role of a Client's Representative is to ensure that all stakeholders discharge their responsibilities in a manner that serves the Client's overall interest. Acting as an extension of the Client, Client’s Representative monitors and coordinates the efforts of all members of the Project Team in order to enable  to achieve maximum value for each dollar spent by the Client.

Design and Construction Projects typically require the services of a team of professional consultants and the work of construction contractors and other vendors, all of whom work as associates on the project. Each associate of the project team has responsibility only for their particular expertise. No architect, consultant, contractor or vendor shares the Client's comprehensive scope of interest, with the exception of the Client's Representative, role of which is undertaken by MASTERS.

We at MASTERS, with our technical and managerial expertise plan and direct the project team towards success.

Our proactive approach encourages designers, consultants, contractors and vendors to work together to achieve the Client’s quality, cost and schedule objectives. By building positive working relationships among the project team members, we facilitate timely resolution of the problems and conflicts that are intrinsic to the design and construction process.

Our documentation system creates a thorough and complete project record. Starting with an initial project plan that articulates the project scope, schedule and budget parameters, we create a series of clear and concise reports that monitor and track all project activities. We use these documents as management tools for the project team, as a means to communicate project progress and as components of the permanent project record. 

We adapt the type and level of our services to fit the unique needs and requirements of each client.
Our Client's Representative assignments range from comprehensive management services throughout all project phases to specific tasks of short duration. 

Masters provides following range of services, individually or in any combination; as per Client’s requirements:

We have a proven track record of assisting our clients to achieve substantial reductions in construction costs without sacrificing construction quality.


About Masters PMC

Masters is a leading Project Management company providing end-to-end solutions to the Construction Industry using the best of global standards and practices with primary focus on Real Estate sector.

Since its inception in 2004, the Company has evolved as a one-stop-shop service provider, offering a range of services to its Clients taking the project from start to finish – ranging from assisting them during pre-development stages to feasibility analysis, pre-construction and construction & installation management services to all the way to a successful close out. In addition, Masters also specializes in Cost Consultancy and Design Development (Architectural as well as MEP) through their in-house team. Besides, Masters also offers Programme & Process Review Services and Quality, Cost & Safety Audit/ Monitoring Services and is well equipped to offer range of Development solutions (like turnkey, design & build, construction management at risk) to its Clients.

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