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Proposed Services to the Construction Companies

Proposed Services to the Construction Companies

Masters have identified a niche requirement to increase efficiency thereby increasing profitability of Construction Companies on Construction Projects.

Being a PMC, that Masters is, it has been observed that to ensure safety parameters are met and final product quality is of supreme nature, the Construction Companies takes extreme steps. However, to achieve the above, there is a huge resource pool deployed at site by the Construction Company to undertake such supervision at site physically and manually.

Masters understands that the need for physical inspection and supervision can be reduced by a large extent if the final product quality can be monitored and controlled in a more systematic way by engaging a fewer number of professionals against a large number of supervisors on the project.

Masters also comes with a strong conviction that if value engineering and value management along with detailed review of design is undertaken by professionals who come with a holistic understanding of construction projects during the pre-construction stage only, the need to supervise the project in the manner currently being undertaken in the industry can be optimized.

In view of the above, Masters proposes following set of activities to be undertaken by a Construction Company, at various stages of a project, which will ensure increased profitability and at the same time resulting in higher standards of product:

  1. Pre-Construction:
    • Value Engineering
    • Value Management
    • Design Review
    • Drawings Review (shop drawings + GFC drawings)
    • Design Due Diligence
2. Construction:

  • Construction Process Review
  • EHS Monitoring & Audits
  • Product Quality Management

3. Post-Construction:

  • Quality Review of the final Product before handover
  • Product Hand Over Review

Masters, with copious knowledge & experience, is certain that if the above activities are undertaken in a timely manner and if the project is monitored by a set of professionals even in a “remote control” technique; the outcome would be far better in terms of overall product quality achieved with increased efficiency and profitability.

Masters recommend that the above activities be undertaken by a pool of professionals by undertaking periodic visits to the site, conducting audits and regularly monitoring the system & processes in a systemised approach such as an online tool. For the same reason, Masters, is in a process of creating an “Integrated Online Project Management System” which will assist in supervising and controlling the project from a remote location and with much reduced manpower, thereby, again ensuring increased profitability.

As a few small steps, Masters has so far undertaken the following:

1. Masters have established “Standard Operating Procedures” for Shapoorji & Pallonji.

2. Masters is presently appointed by Binani Group for “Construction Process & Product Quality Management Services” for Legacy Cirooco project in Bangalore of Legacy Global Projects Pvt. Ltd.

About Masters PMC

Masters is a leading Project Management company providing end-to-end solutions to the Construction Industry using the best of global standards and practices with primary focus on Real Estate sector.

Since its inception in 2004, the Company has evolved as a one-stop-shop service provider, offering a range of services to its Clients taking the project from start to finish – ranging from assisting them during pre-development stages to feasibility analysis, pre-construction and construction & installation management services to all the way to a successful close out. In addition, Masters also specializes in Cost Consultancy and Design Development (Architectural as well as MEP) through their in-house team. Besides, Masters also offers Programme & Process Review Services and Quality, Cost & Safety Audit/ Monitoring Services and is well equipped to offer range of Development solutions (like turnkey, design & build, construction management at risk) to its Clients.

To know more about Construction Process & Product Quality Management Services, Contact us at :

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