Friday, 4 March 2016

Trilium Mall: Replantation of Trees prior to Construction on Site

The Client, Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited, in line with their policy of environmental awareness and social responsibility, wanted to preserve the existing trees on the site which was earmarked for their mall development at Amritsar.
Thus a secondary location was identified and a strategy was put in place for the delicate exercise involving the process of uprooting, transporting, replanting and tending to the trees in a new location across the road from the site.
The following photo-essay, documents the process --
The site
Site enabling works
A large pit is dug around the tree, roots are gently dislodged. A crane is used to hoist out the tree.
The roots are wrapped in a protective cloth which is moistened with water.
The tree is transferred into a truck.
Transporting the tree to the new location
Tree is removed from the truck (again with the help of the crane)

Tree is transplanted in the new location.
Trilium Mall after completion.
Eventually, out of a little over a 100 trees, 97% survived and took root in the new location

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