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Earthquakes Do Not Kill People, Improperly Designed Structures Do!

Earthquakes Do Not Kill People, Improperly Designed Structures Do!

Earthquake is a natural calamity, which can occur any time anywhere. Buildings raised on stilts,with no walls in the ground storey — are more likely to collapse. Therefore, the Buildings must be built in such a way that they are safe during and after such occurrence.

Nepal Earthquake Tragedy – Why did the quake cause so much damage?

12th May 2015 - Magnitude 7.3

25th April 2015 – Magnitude 7.8

Nepal is located in South Asia, home to one fifth of humanity and one of the most earthquake-prone regions in the world.  The region experiences some 100,000 minor quakes every year, and one of magnitude 8 or greater every 25 years. Yet lax building standards densely populated urban centers and poorly planned towns make the region's people extremely vulnerable to the fallout from tremors.

 “Most of the newly built houses that were destroyed by the earthquake in the commercial areas of Kathmandu had not followed the prescribed building code”, authorities have said.

Scores of houses that collapsed in places like Gongabu, Balaju, Kalanki, Thamel and Chabahil areas had initially acquired clearance to build two- or three-storey structures for residential use.

But the buildings were gradually transformed into high-rises without fulfilling the legal and technical requirements after the areas turned into commercial hotspots.

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