Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Facts on Summer Safety

Facts on Summer Safety 

Summer in most part of India is extreme. The construction workers who are exposed to extreme heat or outdoor hot work environment may be at risk of heat stress and other occupational illnesses, which may have impact on productivity & other injuries also. Since work has to continue even in such environment let’s ensure that our workers are safe and comfortable in their working conditions.

The facts about extreme heat pic2

  • Extreme heat causes death.
  • Heat related injuries are preventable.
  • Dehydration contributes to heat injury.

Following are more vulnerable to get heat related injuries

  • People that work under hot & humid condition.
  • People  with  certain  medical  conditions  like  Heart  disease,  diabetes,  obesity  or  high  blood  pressure  &  on  certain  medications like medications for depression, insomnia etc... 
  • Aged People and adolescent.

Heat cramps  are severe cramping of muscles because of  dehydration usually while carrying out physical activity in the heat.
Treatment for heat cramps is to rest in the shade, get near a fan, spray the person with water and massage the cramp
Heat rash is skin irritation caused by excessive sweating.                     
Get medical advice

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