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PMC Services for Hotel development

PMC Services for Hotel development

Tourism and hospitality, a key sector of the Indian economy, plays a key role in the growth of Brand India.It is important to realize up front that there is much more to the process than only construction and operation of the Hotel.
Traditionally, hotel opening efforts have been driven by corporate operations, invariably supported by task force teams drawn from existing hotels. This specific approach only works on a small scale and has several limitations.
The traditional approach alone cannot meet the challenges and dynamics of new hotel development on a large scale and will contribute to causing delays in the technical, operational and commercial readiness of hotel projects.
Development of Hospitality industry on a larger scale generates specific dynamics and challenges. It requires proven project management expertise to meet these challenges head on and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of opening new hotels, right from pre-construction to construction to substantial completion and then final operational stages of a hotel. 
In our view, 
A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. The temporary nature of projects indicates a project has a definite beginning and end.” (PMI, 2013).
It is important to understand that by definitions new hotel openings are essentially projects and not part of on-going hotel operations. The approach to manage them should fundamentally not be different from projects conducted in information technology, consulting, banking, telecommunications, aerospace, and other industries.
 Project management process for Hotel development includes the following:
  • Due Diligence
  • Site Assessment & Building Studies
  • Design Review & Conceptual Pricing
  • Design Team Selection, Negotiation, Contracting & Management
  • General Contractor Selection, Negotiation, Contracting & Management
  • Consultant Selection, Negotiation, Contracting & Management
  • Constructability Planning
  • Cost Analysis & Value Management
  • Budget Development & Analysis
  • Schedule Development & Analysis
  • Project Management Controls
  • Change Management
  • Quality Control and Compliance with Design Standards and Brand Standards
  • MEP System Commissioning Support
  • FF&E Procurement and Management
  • Operations and Pre-Opening Planning
  • Project Close-Out and Punch List Management
A  PMC should have the ability to oversee and manage an entire project (from design through completion of the punch list) in the most cost effective way for an owner.  It must have the expertise, the systems and right quality people which can enable the PMC to readily identify potential cost savings in design, purchasing, and construction that the operator or the developer may not know. The PMC should have in-house skill set for the identification of value-added opportunities and the detailed management of costs while maximizing the return on invested capital.
About Masters
Masters with experience of working on various Hotel developments can provide you an experienced project and construction management team whether you are building an entirely new hotel or renovating an existing one. We also offer a full breadth of consulting services to advise you about your hotel construction or renovation project.
Some of the Hospitality projects under our umbrella are:

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