Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Maharashtra govt approves off-grid energy policy

Maharashtra Cabinet on Monday approved integrated solar off-grid energy policy to encourage use of new and renewable energy. The policy aims to enhance use of green energy to preserve environment and curb the burgeoning issue of waste disposal.

The policy envisages use of more solar products, bio gas and bio fertilizer plants in housing societies, government and private offices and other establishments. Decentralized micro grid projects will be initially set up in two non electrified villages on pilot basis in two years on 100% government subsidy.

A government official told Business Standard, "The policy hopes to save 240 million units of power in a year by producing 200 MW energy through solar equipment on rooftop. The government will spend Rs 1,600 crore in five years for the proposed off grid projects in private and public sector."

He informed that the government will 100% subsidy to generate 150 MW in five years (30 MW each year)  through a combination of generation sets of 1 to 50 kilowatt capacity on rooftop and on land on government properties.

The government will give 20% subsidy for the generation of 50 MW (10 MW each year) on private properties.

Further, additional Rs 500 crore will be spent on promoting solar cookers in government and private organizations while Rs 16 crore are earmarked for the generation of 4,000 kilowatt through bio gas.

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