Friday, 4 December 2015

Advantages of hiring a Fit-Out consultant

Choosing the right Fit-out consultant will help you acheive your optimum outcome on time.

The decision to relocate and expand your business does not come easily and there are many processes to go through from needs assessment to property search, leasing arrangements, concept design, fit-out, information technology management, internal change management, relocation planning, client communications and many more.

Generally once the decision is made to relocate and expand the timeframe is tight which puts pressure on the need to get all of these processes right. And the cost of not getting it right can be significant, with impacts on staff, clients, business continuity and corporate intelligence.

Here comes the need to have on-board, people who have a strong understanding of fitouts and relocation process to partner you on this important journey. The more knowledge and understanding you have with you through the journey the greater the chance you have of a smooth and successful process from start to finish.

The key elements you need to consider in this process are time and value for money.

Some of the benefits of using a fit-out specialist are highlighted here:

• The approach and attitude of the Fit-out consultant speaks for itself. Each with their own area of expertise, fit-out personnel take great care and pride in getting the finer details just right for the end user.

• The construction process itself is also treated with great care and respect as fitout consultants understand that tenants often make refinements and adjustments along the way. For this reason communication and collaboration is a high priority in the management of a fit-out project.

• Throughout the construction process and in any team discussions fit-out personnel maintain integrity of the design and always focus on the design intent when considering any possible changes to the scope of works or specifications, in consultation with the designer.

• Provides greater attention to detail and finishes to optimise the end result.

• Hands-on proactive personnel look to identify potential challenges and suggest alternative building methods before they become an issue for the client’s budget or program.

• Fit-out consultants are focused on fast turn-around of information, documentation and problem-solving to ensure the client has ample time to make informed

About Masters Management Consultants

Masters offer complete solutions for you large projects like relocations, fit-out works and major refurbishment projects.

Some of the Interior Fit-out projects where we honed our reputation for quality, craftsmanship and a genuine commitment to the client are:

  1. Indochine, New Delhi
  2. Blue Frog, Mumbai
  3. Hard Rock Café, Pune
  4. Shopper’s Stop
  5. Harvard Business School Executive Education Centre
  6. Sample Apartments for The Imperial, Mumbai
  7. Tote on the Turf, Mumbai

View the complete list of Interior Fit-out projects executed by Masters Management

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